P... is for Peter

The World according to P.




P is for Peter... that's Peter Kennedy, the one who avoids real work by being a Director/Choreographer, a teacher of Dance and Drama, a performer, a Writer and Composer of Musicals, Cabarets, Pantomimes, Poetry and currently, fiction. It's the P who grew up in Belfast, worked throughout Ireland and eventually married and settled in Galway. It's the P for whom the glass is always half full, not half empty. The P who loves, life and laughter and family and friends and children. Happy P.


"Life is like a book, and death is but the final page of the book. Those of us who live in fear are the ones who turn straight to the final page, and see death staring us in the face, and can't understand why it has to happen. The lack of understanding comes from skipping over the important chapters. The chapters about life. For if we fill those chapters with hope and love and happiness,  the book becomes a testament to the joy of living, and our fear turns to peace. We never really die. We merely sleep peacefully, alive forever in the hearts and minds of those who follow in our paths."

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