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CLOWN – SYNOPSIS:  Set in turn-of-the-century London, Clown is the story of unrequited love amid the setting of a travelling theatre company. Clown, who wears a painted smile throughout the show, is the publicity man for the troupe, with aspirations of becoming the leading actor. The object of his desire is leading lady, Jennifer, but when she falls in love with another actor, it is more than Clown can take. He leaves the troupe, unaware of the affections of his best friend Sally, and joins a comedy trio with Arthur and Kitty.

           Jennifer marries Philip Coates, but when she becomes pregnant, he abandons her. Sally persuades Clown to come back and help Jennifer in her time of need. He does so, and when Laura is born, he vows to raise her like his own. With the passing of time, Clown realises the love of Sally and they are married.

          At about the same time, Philip returns, and wants to start again with Jennifer and his daughter. But Clown is made aware of his dark past and his efforts to protect both Jennifer and Laura lead to a tragic conclusion.


CLOWN.....Strong dramatic Acting, Singing (Baritone) and Dancing.

SALLY...........Strong Acting and Singing (Mezzo) Some Dance.

PHILIP..........Strong ‘Dark’ Character Actor. Some Singing (Baritone)

JENNIFER.....Dramatic Actress, Good Singer (Soprano)

Mr. COLERIDGE.....Character / Comedy. 50’s.  (Baritone)

Mrs. COLERIDGE..Character / Comedienne. 50’s. (Mezzo)

ARTHUR.....................Comedy/Song and Dance. 30’s. (Tenor)

KITTY...........................Comedy/Song and Dance. 30’s. (Mezzo)

ELSIE....................Strong Actress. Late 20’s – 30’s. Some singing. (Alto)

BILL......................Character/Song and Dance. Some singing. (Baritone)

LAURA................Very Talented 7/8yo. Strong Acting/Singing/Dancing.



Outside a London Theatre. On-stage of a London Theatre.(With a Balcony)     Outside Cast-Lodgings.  On-stage of a Brighton Theatre. Dressing room. A Tavern.


Roll Up, Roll Up.  Who Got The Blame For It?  Every Night’s A Party.  There Will Be Love.   If There’s A Party Going.  God Knows Where We’ll Be Tomorrow.


Clown Ballet at Opening of the Show. Looking For The Right One.  Can-Can during Every Night’s A Party.  If There’s a Party Going.  Some principals dances also.



First Act Musical Company, Belfast.  Banbridge Choral Society.   Dolmen Musical Theatre, Carlow.  Tullamore Musical Society.  Naas Musical Society.  Enniscorthy Musical Society.  Ennis Musical Society.  New Ross Choral Society.   Encore Theatre Company, Galway.



1 Best Overall Show Award from 4 Nominations.

3 Best Choreography Awards from 4 Nominations.

2 Best Musical Direction Awards from 4 Nominations.

4 Best Actor Awards from 6 Nominations for "Clown"

1 Best Actress Award from 2 Nominations for "Sally"

2 Best Supporting Actress Awards for "Elsie".

1 Best Supporting Actress Nomination for "Jennifer".

1 Best Supporting Actor Nomination for "Philip".

1 Special Award for Clown Ballet.



"In my 33 years of attending the Waterford Festival I have rarely seen any instances of a spontaneous standing ovation.... but there's no question at all that it was merited by Peter Kennedy's wonderful new musical "Clown".  Waterford Festival Review.

"Little old ladies were clutching handkerchiefs and crying, overcome with emotion, but singing the praises of this wonderful treat of musical theatre." Ulster News Letter.

"Clown is Kennedy's best show yet." John Grayden, Belfast Telegraph.





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