P is for Peter




Harry Oldfield is 40, happily married to Cassie, father of Emma, secure in his career as a teacher of drama, comfortable with his friends……..and just about to crash head on into the brick wall that is a mid life crisis! Of course, he is helped into the crisis be the scheming attentions of one of his attractive students, Sandra, who will stop at nothing to get good grades. Confused and insecure, Harry tries to find solutions at the bottom of a whiskey glass, which further aggravates his dilemma. As he gradually loses hold of his family, his friends, his career and his senses….the love of his beautiful daughter is the straw to which he desperately clings,  and the realisation that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the tracks.



HARRY OLDFIELD      Strong Dramatic role. Tenor/Baritone.


CASSIE OLDFIELD      His devoted wife. Strong drama. Soprano.


EMMA OLDFIELD       10 year old daughter. Singing and dancing.


LANCE                          Character/comedy. Non-singing.


KEN                               Harrys friend and boss. Tenor.


JESSIE                           Kens long suffering wife. Char. Alto.


BARNEY                       Family friend. Comedy. Tenor/baritone.


ALICE                            Barneys frustrated wife. Comedy. Mezzo.


MICHAEL                      Recently divorced. Sincere. Non-singing.


ALEC                             Harrys friend. Playboy. Non-singing.


ZACK                            Cynical but sincere barman. Non-singing.


SANDRA CASSELLS       Character/song and dance role. Mezzo.


PAUL                                 Her boyfriend. Song and dance, Tenor.


DARLENE                         Sandras mate, Song and dance. Mezzo.


LINUS and PUTZ              Students. Wannabe’s. Song and dance.

 Various other Student and Adult cameo roles.




A Bar. A Kitchenette. College Drama Studio. A Living Room. Night-club. A Bedroom.  A Courtroom (Dream Scene).




Massive choral piece Shame, Shame, Shame.

SATB for One Perfect Love, Go Daddy Go, Look at Us Now.



BIG routines for Times Movin On, Go Daddy Go, Black and White.

Big staging for Shame, Shame, Shame, and Sandra Cassells, Superstar.




First Act MC,   Encore Theatre Co,   Rush Musical Soc.


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